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D.O.M.S & training…

Delayed onset muscle soreness (muscle fever) – in my legs and upper body today! Feels good.  Good old fashioned soreness from eccentric movements at the gym.  Am challenging myself to ensure proper technique and ROM before further increasing the load.  I am noticing my core strength has improved,   choosing less isolation exercises and flexibility is getting back on track, keeping the tension out of the hamstrings and lower back.

Tuesday smashed – legs and back – quick 5min warm up on bike followed by walking lunges with dbs (10kgs), supersetted with lat pulldowns – 3 sets each and then onto leg press, 80kgs with full ROM – really felt it get into the glutes and my knees were doing well.  Good slow movement and knocked out 4 x 12.  Then alternated upright rows with deadlifts, 22.5kgs on bar for uprights and 50kgs on bar for deadlifts, warmed up on just the bar for 1 x 15 – back felt fine, core engaged.  Still managed to  niggle the lower back – heat pack and stretches, feels good.  Finished off with a small circuit – reverse lunge off step with med ball, turkish get ups with 7kg dumbbell and squat press with 9kgs dumbells. 

Yesterday was Australia Day – lower back (thinking quadratus lomborum) was still slightly niggling (out of ten on pain threshold 2/3), lots of heat compresses and stretches helped, was planning a big session at the beach –  but decided between that and the heat – a little session is still a good session.  Managed two laps shuffling across the sand @ Coogee, and then about a 300m swim in the water, finishing around 9:45am,  before finding a nice patch of sand with my music and a snooze….  good day filled with more swims and relaxing on the grass with fitness magazines of course – Justin and I swapping our women’s & men’s health mags for tips… I enjoy reading the men’s version, even if they do have the extra blokey targeted content – like how to train to romance your woman and the workouts to achieve this… what the… lol.

Today I enjoyed a sleep in, the back is feeling 100% and will do some stretches before cardio session this evening at Darlinghurst FF!  Nutrition is on track and have lost another 1.8kgs – 3.5kgs overall in three weeks.  Happy dance.

Rest of the week training wise I am pumped – boxing tomorrow with Sera, then balance at 5:30pm at Newtown before hitting a big cable session on Saturday morning at Darlo FF nice and early!  Sunday will be a swim and/or balance class.

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