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Being honest will get you closer to your goals….

That is my motto for the next week.. being honest with myself..  I have stood on the scales and not liked what I have seen, my clothes are snug (and not ALL muscle either) so I am doing what has worked for ME in the past. It is controlled and I know it will get me ready physically and mentally to transform my body.  End of 2010 I thought I was motivated, I enjoyed training but lost sight of my real goals, I have to remember I am human after all.  I have achieved great things before and will do so again.  I don’t see it as a set back, more a learning curve.

2011 has been a great start – have switched up my training with the Big 5 workout and HIIT training with cables/weights and I am finding it works for me, my body likes the adaption and I am feeling more in control and have my goals in sight.    My current profile picture on Facebook was from when I was training a couple of years back, got down to 73kgs and was feeling good, great.  To kickstart me then, I did the no carbs diet for three days and then introduced carbs slowly back into the diet with good grains, veggies and berries. I found this really helped my digestive system, which has been causing me grief lately due to over indulgence on good food (ahem cheese) and wine… oops. Again a learning curve in the fitness journey.

So I am going to do what has worked for me before, and have kick started the no carbs today, so far am feeling full and satisfied, drinking lots of water and eating good lean proteins (eggs, lean turkey, ham and protein shakes)  Having a nice big piece of basa fish fillet for dinner tonight and some almonds as well.    Day Two in the afternoon is always the hardest, I have cardio tomorrow also, so that will flush out some of glycogen stored in my muscles and liver… mght seem extreme to some and it goes against everything I have learnt in nutrition, but it surely works!  Lower the glycogen to allow the fat stores to get worked a little more before slowly topping up the glycogen tank.

Thinking Thursday is going to be a loong day, carbs are the only fuel source for the brain, so might be a little distracted but will get over that.  Boxing in the morningThursday will shake my system and will be looking forward to some berries a BIG green salad and rye bread on Friday on top of the usual protein foods.   Will keep this up for a month and then add more food to stabilise weight for two weeks and then analyse, having a protein only day every Monday. 

Will record my weight and waist measurement on Friday to see the reduction.  I am so excited, I feel like I have woken up after a big nap for the last 5 months and feel excited and motivated to train again.  A good break, a stressful end to 2010 but 2011 is going to be awesome.

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