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2011 is going to be a great year…

Feeling refreshed after a two week break off work.  Had a chance to relax by the pool, catch up with friends and enjoy summer in Sydney.  Back at work today and feeling like a bull at a gate… so many things to accomplish this year both at work and at the gym.    I don’t do New Years resolutions, I tend to re-evaluate my goals and put some actions points into play. 

Going to add some training to my routine that scares the pants off me.  Stepping outside the comfort zone and trying new things this year that scare me…  that is one of my goasl.   Stepping up the training inside and outside the gym – pushing myself harder to reach my goals. 

What I hope to achieve in 2011:

* further reduce bodyfat to under 19%

* be able to do 5 full push ups

* increase my plank hold to over 3mins

* increase my flexibility by reducing tightness in hamstings

* increase strength and ROM in my knees for squats (VMO, ITB etc)

Some actions points include:

* squad training – joining weekly training group

* try out boxing gym near FF @Darlo

* setting weekly tasks to challenge fitness levels (two huge swim sessions this week and two bootcamp sessions)

Being consistent in nutrition, training & recovery.  Recording all daily.

Four phases of 2011. Key areas below:

Jan – Mar – reduce bodyfat, tighten nutrition & training, stick to training plan, cross training, reduce classes and concentrate more on high intensity, full body weight  training mixed with weights & stability training in and outside gym. Strengthening knee and working on flexibility. Complete 2-3 full pull ups

Apr – June –  still reducing bodyfat, increasing muscle, change cross training & weights routine, increasing workout load & splitting up muscle groups.  Complete 4-5 full pull ups

July – Sept –  Bodyfat shouldbe under 19%, adding more strength training, core strong, knees strong – squats with full ROM.  Pull ups should be up to 10.  Tweak program to strengthen any weaker areas.

Oct – Dec –   Ideal to be under 15% bodyfat, 12-15 pullups.

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