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9 more sleeps till the fat man gets here…..

So lots of training to be done before can relax for a day or two over Chrissy!  Loving my training at the moment, am making good progress and am feeling alot stronger and my core is doing amazing things assisting me with training harder – had our work Christmas lunch yesterday, a nice little degustation, great food, lots of protein and low fat… except maybe the orange chocolate bombe… mmmm with sea salt on top… delicious.

Trained at Newtown FF last night, busy as ever, again was the only girl training weights…  was great, just worked in with some of the guys using the leg press/cables etc…   trained legs/chest… love training them together.. so strong and works the body even more… upper, lower, longer levers… ahh love it! 

Supersetted single leg deadlifts – 12.5kg dumbells/incline chest press with 12.5kg dumbells (oucha…. went down to 10kgs)

Squats on bosu, no weight, just bodyweight, nice and low range, warming up/chest flies with 8kg dumbells (really need to increase this..)

Leg press – warm up set 80kgs x 1, 3 sets of 120kgs, felt good, loaded the legs, pushups to superset

To make me feel even more sick 3 sets of squats in rack – 55kgs (incl bar) – got nice and low/alternated with plank for 35secs…

Some single leg workout on bosu to get the QM in my legs switched on (and ITB/glutes) – some bosu pushups to finish offf…. and felt a little nautious… but sooo good….

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