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Tracking food and exercise…..

Being the silly season – I am going to track my food and exercise, to ensure that I am not undoing all the good work I have planned……  my rule is 80/20 – 80% nutrition and 20% training – to get results.  Am looking forward to having a few treats over the christmas period but want to make sure that I am being good 90% of the time (work out how many meals a day you have, times this by seven to get your week… workout the 10% and that is still quite a few “treat” meals)!

Today so far is good, all the planning and getting shopping delivered home last night helps!   I have used 1649 ouf of my net daily budget of 1800 and have 151 calories remaining.  39% are from fat, 35% from protein and 26% from carbs, 0% from alcohol.  This will change a bit…  still have a few meals left and dinner isn’t 100% planned as yet….

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