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Feels recharged……

Having two days off training late last week was a good move!  Was so drained and tired on Friday afternoon after spending the morning out at the Lucas Gardens special school, helping them set up the opening of their new playground – it was such a great day, the kids were all so excited to sing songs and they all received achievement awards – some making big progress in the year with walking, talking & interacting on the new magic whiteboards.   So I was a bit drained and just wanted to go home, cook dinner and watch a movie…. felt so much better for it.   I think my good deed for the day had been done.

Saturday morning was Caroline & Kapil’s civil wedding ceremony at Blackburns Bay – a gorgeous small ceremony overlooking the bay.  Truly a magical day watching the two most happiest people, in love, exchange their vows.  After the ceremony I headed back to Newtown to the sari shop to get my sari ready for the Hindi ceremony this Wednesday.  That was so much fun, the ladies were so excited and were trying the sari on this way, then that, then this, with that skirt… all very exciting and I did a little strut down the shop, in true Bollywood style to show off my bright turquoise sari with silver bling on the edges.  So no training Saturday and ended up watching the latest couple Bond movies – got to love Daniel Craig… and his trainer Simon Waterson!  Nothing like a few Bond movies to get you wanting to train more!!

Sunday was a great day, after a couple days chilling I was ready to achieve lots!  Started the day with Bodyjam at Randwick with the crew, Jesse pumping it up on the stage on a Sunday morning, what a great way to start the day (can I get a whoot whoot)!  After a leisurely coffee with the crew I head off home to get a few jobs done and then headed to the gym in the afternoon for a chest and leg workout!  I was going to superset legs and chest with minimal breaks inbetween to really challenge the body!  What a workout….

step ups with 1okgs dumbells/chest press with 12.5kgs dumbells – 3 x 12

single leg deadlifts with 10kgs dumbells/cable flies on bench 15kgs – 4 x 12 – felt good so did four sets

squats in rack 40kgs on bar, nice and low/pushups on knees – 3 x 12

deadlifts with bar 40kgs/incline chest press – 3 x 12 (last set deadlifts, only did 8)

Felt good, the xtend pumping through my body during the training just made me feel invincible… it hurt but was sooo good!  Love that feeling.. love love love it….

Had a gorgeous roast kangaroo with lots of veggies for dinner! Yum….

Today’s training, I was still pumped from Sunday, got up and trained at Newtown FF – back and biceps!    Did the same thing as yesterday, supersetted with minimal breaks in between…

narrow grip pulldowns 45kgs/straight arm pulldowns 15kgs – 3 x 12

single arm row 12.5kgs dumbbells/bicep curl on ezy bar – 17.5kgs – 3 x 12

kneeling cable single arm row 15kgs/bicep curls on cable/with bar  15kgs – 3 x 12

bent over row with barbell 22.5kgs/hammer curl dumbells 10kgs – 3 x 12

Some lightweight deadlifts 25kgs to finish to stretch out the lower back – nice and strong… felt a great stretch in the hammies too!

Food is going well, I am eating my calories and feeling the difference already, loving my oats for breakfast with berries or banana with my psyllium husks and soy milk, rice cakes with almond butter for morning tea, left over kangaroo and veggies for lunch, apple, almonds and some naughty licorice for afternoon tea…. will have a protein shake soon as won’t be having dinner until later (out to Pennant Hills for Mehendi).

The theme that I have been noticing in the gym is that I am the only girl training weights, and if another girl comes she lasts about 5mins trying to do some tricep dumbell things with3kgs dumbbells!  I was so excited this morning to see another girl in the squat rack, doing the same weight as I did yesterday, girlpower!!    She had good form, was so good to see…   I did feel sorry for the young guy next to me this morning, young skinny ish guy, we were both doing bicep curls with the bar, he looked at my weight and then just did a polite grin, I checked out his bar and it was 10kgs… I said, you can do heavier than that.. here have my bar, I am finished with it.. and you know what, he nailed it, and he was pretty chuffed with himself…   just shows you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Training for the rest of the week will be moved around due to christmas events, weddings and visitors –  but I will still get my training in, I am so focused at the moment, I haven’t been like this for months.  It is a great feeling, I love feeling productive, motivated and strong.  As my ASN shirt said this morning ” only the strong shall survive”!

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