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On track….

Feeling great after an awesome session at the gym last night… after a horrendous day at work with some news that just shocked the team, I knew the only thing that could lift me out of my flat mood was a huge mother of a training session at the gym.

Fuelled with pre weight carb/protein mix and also drinking dfine8 on the way to the gym – I was ready to go.  Back and biceps had my name on them and they were going to get smashed.  The gym was busy, I wasn’t phased, I worked out my routine and got myself ready to go –  close grip latpull down – 3 x 12 with 50kgs on the machine… felt good, nice and slow into the lats… good control… supersetted with some straight arm pulldowns, 3 x 12 and 15kgs, which will be moved to 20kgs next session.  Moved onto some deadlifts 3 x 10 with 40kgs and supersetted with some bent over barbell rows 3 x 12 with 25kgs bar, great control and could feel it… mixing it up with some single arm curls 3 x 12 with 10kgs barbells and some barbell bicep curls with the ez bar @17.5kgs…  then finally got to the cables to do some single arm pulldowns and mixing it up with some single arm rows on the bench 3 x 12 with 15kg dumbells… oh yeah…  then finished off with some pull/push exercises….

I did bodyjam afterwards and boy did I feel good, am taking xtend during my workouts and I find this helps me recover, I felt great, had lots of energy when I got home (normally I would be a vegetable after that workout) had a good post workout meal and shake and slept so well… the great things is I felt awesome this morning, no training hangover.  Bliss.

Today is cardio day – looking forward to it…. nutrition has been great today too….  aiming to eat between 1700-1800 every day to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle…

Living the dream.. cannot wait until the body matches!

So far – 1621 out of your net daily budget of 1800 calories and have 179 calories remaining. 27% of the calories are from fat, 36% from protein, 37% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

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