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Training is going well….

Wednesday is a  big training day for me… I start the morning with outdoor bootcamp, so lots of running and bodyweight training foir 45mins!  I then do chest/shoulders/triceps in the evening, and yesterday fuelled with dfine8 I was so fired up and ready to go.    3 sets of each 10-12 reps… I started with incline chest press….. 25kgs only.. I miss my spotter … then moved onto some flat bench chest press where again I only did 30kgs… need some assistance in this area to help me get the weight up… slowly but surely, building up strength in my anterior deltoid biceps & triceps too to assist the chest major muscles …. then supersetted dumbbell chest press (12.5kg dbs) with skullcrushers (17.5kg bar), then dumbbell flies (8kg db) and cable tricep pulldowns (15kgs)… love fatiguing the triceps when training chest.. felt that pump on the last two sets of the press and flies…  mixed up some lateral raises (7.5kg db), with shoulder press (10kg db) and some upright rows (12k5kgs db)… waited for ever for the cables but someone was hogging them, love, love training shoulders on the cables.  So went down stairs and supersetted tricep pushups and chest pushups  🙂   Felt good… 

Trained with Sera this morning, a couple quick round easy boxing, then slow run on the treadmill for about 12mins before doing some abs and some goooood stretches….

Tomorrow is LEG day… oucha.

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