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Five weeks until Christmas!

You know what that means for me.. five weeks of training hard and eating clean – I am looking forward to Christmas Day being a free day with no training and not food restrictions, until then, it is all train hard and eat clean healthy foods.  I have invested in some great supplements from ASN and going to kick some great fitness goals in the next five weeks. 

I am strong, motivated and determined to achieve MY GOALS.  I am going to be strict with alcohol and limit myself  – there will be fun times but I don’t need to get hammered to have fun, I love socializing with friends without having the need to feel like I must give in to the temptation of bubbles and unhealthy foods!   I am looking forward to so many social occasions coming – work christmas parties, gym christmas parties plus a few other events.  Bring on the challenge… when most people are wishing they hadn’t eaten and drunk so much on new years day, I will be kick starting the next section of my fitness plan…  yeah…  Have two weeks off over christmas and looking forward to getting in some beach training – with sand work and some swims!

Trained this morning at Park Street – I prepared all my stuff  last night and was ready to go with my pre training dfine8 and alcalean (L-Carnitine)- I had my watermelon xtend ready to drink during my session and man I pumped it hard… back and biceps.  Lat pull-down, reverse grip, straight-arm pull-downs, bicep curls, bent over rows, cable squat w/row, single arm rows, barbell bicep curls & upright rows!! Felt  felt invincible!

Food today includes: oats with protein powder with blueberries, almonds, non wheat wrap/protein & salad, protein shake, kangaroo with sweet potato and steamed veggies, protein shake and ZMA before bedfordshire.

Tuesday – is cardio day.

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