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The fitness journey continues…

Just love that feeling when you get up from your desk at work and your quads are screaming!  Yes, first big leg session yesterday after a couple weeks off weight training… oh DOMS has set in early and my ZMA supplements are at home.  I felt good, strong and had good form yesterday doing squats & deadlifts… I need to work on my range of motion and get lower in the squats… will work on core strength and stability! 

To challenge myself I have started bootcamp sessions twice a week, mixing the training up with outdoor training – it was a great session full of kettlebell swings, 200m sprints, boxing & more sprints – I was quite suprised at how quickly I recovered from the running intervals, but definitely need to work on my breathing and vo2 max… cardio fitness.    The legs were oh so heavy running… that will teach me for doing my first leg day, one day before I do my first outdoor bootcamp! 

Whilst I am in the stages of losing body fat, and before I concentrate 100% on putting on muscle I will be doing interval training alongside with the weights – I find cross training gives best results, keeping the body balanced and gives me enough variety to make it fun and not routine (most of you know how mad I am and love love to exercise…)! 

So my goals for the next part of my journey, is  to

* increase cardio fitness (mmm fartlek training comes to mind)

* improve endurance/stamina (developing some of those slow twitch muscles)

* improve core stability & flexibility

* decrease bodyfat & increase muscle

The goal for cardio is the FIT method – frequency, intensity & time.  Ensuring I am regularly getting my heart rate up between 60 – 80% of MHR 2-3 times a week, with good intensity, not too high to reduce risk of injury and to gradually increase the time .  Making sure I challenge myself with cross training to effectively increase my overall fitness.

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