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Just keep swimming…

No matter what hand life deals you, it is how you deal with things and just keep swimming along that matters…   for me getting in the pool and actually swimming is my way to unwind, stop the thoughts & stress and just let myself go, feeling my body gliding in the water, each stroke my arms stretching out that little bit more, feeling that extra length coming from my lats, my good breathing in and out and that extra power in my kick, makes me feel alive and that I can tackle anything that crosses my path.  It is about finding YOUR way to deal with things,  to push pause for just a little while to re group and get back in touch with yourself, mind, body and spirit. 

My pop (granddad) hasn’t been well for many years, the Jones family, my mum’s family are true fighters!  Pop has emphysema, and has been suffering this horrible disease for many years now.  Being asthmatic myself and seeing him struggling to breathe is hard, as I know first hand what it is like not to be able to breathe, the pain in the chest, back and whole body is just terrible, and he suffers this daily. Breathing is something we take for granted on a daily basis.    When I saw him in Perth in July I could tell as soon as I walked in the door he needed to go to the hospital, his body was saturated with co2 and needed to get more oxygen into his system. 

I got a call from mum yesterday to say that Pop had a fall and was in hospital, they aren’t too sure if had a heart attack or two and they aren’t too sure if he has broken his hip or not…  but they have him in observation and he is on morphine to help with the pain.  They have increased his oxygen levels now and hopefully he will be a little more comfortable.  At this stage not too sure what is going to happen.  We don’t want to see him in pain and I wish he would just close his eyes and go to sleep and wake up and be reunited with nanna…  

Reminds me that life is precious, live everyday like it is your last, love everyone and release hate ……. make the decisions now that you will be thankful for when you are older.  Healthy, active lifestyle now and you will thank yourself in 30+ years time. Hug your family everyday.

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