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Love a long weekend…

Especially when it is the same weekend the Commonwealth Games commence!  I just love watching the games – I get so motivated and inspired… such great athletes who have put in so much to represent our country!!  Watched the opening ceremony on Saturday night, was great, India put on a fabulous show, definitely worth staying up for.     My favourite is of course the swimming, last night was a great night for the pool, lots of medals and great new talent breaking PB’s and breaking CG records.  Was tooo excited after the mens 4x100m medley to get to sleep….   11 more days to go!!! 

The long weekend was miserable weather wise, but had a great one, enjoyed catching up with good friends and training hard at the gym.  Enjoyed a thai massage on Saturday @Sabai thai on Oxford Street, so reminded me of the massages I had daily in Chiang Mai… and my masseuse was from CM!  He released so much tension in my lower back, far out man, painful but ohhhh so good, ROM much better now and foot massage was great!

Trained back/biceps on Saturday with Justin, managed to increase my weights slightly on low row and bicep curl, did some preacher curlz too and managed to get up to 20kg… pure isolation.   Sunday was a great balance class, which we were an hour early too thanks to me confusing myself and setting my iphone an hour ahead, forgetting in my tiredness that it automatically does it… oops!  Balance as usual was a great session… great stretch and felt no twinges in my lower back at all thanks to Jack the masseuse!

Yesterday after sleeping in till 11am (opening ceremony finished at 3:30am)! I watched the last couple episodes of True Blood before heading to the gym for a huge leg & shoulder workout.  I was so pumped and felt good… and it showed in my training.  Am ensuring I only increase the weight if technique is spot on and ROM is spot on tooo….  

Leg press 1 x 12 at warm up weight, 80kg, then 3 x 12 at 120kgs, felt good, good control and range of motion, really felt in control and strong  in the legs, and glutes.  This weight is perfect, of course I can do heavier but for now that isn’t the goal, being consistent and with great form.

Squat press with bar 3 x 12 with 22.5kg bar – nice and low into the squat, great control, awesome push up with control in legs and glutes.  Great push for shoulder press.

Single leg deadlifts with 9kg dumbell, the right leg is slowly catching up strength wise, 3 x 12 on each leg, felt great, could so feel the burn after leg press/squats…

Front squats with 17.5kg bar.  The Smith machines were being used, so used lighter bar, placed heels on 5kgs plates to help switch on the VMO whilst doing front squats, nice and controlled, felt strong in core strength and switching on glutes to stabilise.  Great ROM.

Upright rows – 20kgs, 3 x 10, nice and strong, good control.  The lateral delts loved it…. this is my bicep curl of training, my shoulders look great when I do this!!

Lateral raises – due to right shoulder it only handled the 5kg dumbbell, left side, 7.,5kg and felt  good.  Right shoulder grinded a bit.. some more strengthening work needed… out come the bands.

Nine weeks into my next level of training I feel stronger, more powerful and capable, I cannot wait for the next round after my break in Tonga.  With three more weeks to go, I am on track, and excited at the progress I am making…….

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