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slowly but surely are the results…

Since I started my challenge five weeks ago I have progresssed  little with measurements, but weight and BF has shifted which is good, overall I think a lot has to do with not eating enough everyday, I struggle to get 2000 calories, come in at 1800 or so….. extra time needed to prep clean food, then concentrate on  getting the training done consistently.  The next few weeks will be interesting to see how I go, am more focused and feeling like I am on track.   I haven’t slipped into my usual groove, can I blame winter, why not? Bring on summer.

In five weeks,  I have:

Lost 4.4kgs (9lbs), decreased bodyfat by 3%, lost 3cms off hips, 2cm off waist, 2cm off bust and 3cm off thigh….   

As I am doing weight training quite hard/heavy as well as trying to loose bodyfat, I am more excited about the kgs and bf%… the cm’s will slowly drop but since Ihave started my weight training has improved:

deadlifts to 50kgs (from 35kgs), leg press to 120kgs (from 80kgs), chest press 35 kgs (from 25kgs), single arm rows 15kg each arm db (from 12.5kgs), bicep curls bar 22.5kgs (from 17.5kgs)…. you get the picture… being consistent is the key.

My knees and back are still causing me issues, so doing bodybalance stretch and strengthening classes and isolation exercises to deal with these – have a remedial massage tomorrow which is going to be soooooo painful but oooh so good for release.  I need to train to my body needs and capabilities. Rest/recovery is so important for me as I can go hard for days, but I fatigue quickly.  Am hoping when nutrition kicks in properly this will push me that little bit further.

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