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s is for swimming…

I went for the first swim of the season last night… man I love it… that feeling of strength and control gliding through the water…  I cannot run but I can totally swim!  I felt like I go just go and go like an energiser bunny – my shoulder was a bit iffy the first 100m but then settled down… my tight lower back from deadlifts/cycle has totally gone today… 2kms will do that!  The junior squad team were doing time trials in the lane next to me, man they were fast… The young guys were like Phelps, gone in a split second…not that Phelps does 50m sprints, he is more a 100 or 2oo and 4by100 relay man…. hmmmm.     So these young kids would come into the lane I was in to keep warm before doing their times… I had about 1km under my belt when one of them decided to overtake me…. he was young, about 18/19, limbs that went for miles… so when he started over taking me, I just extended my arms out that little bit more to glide, increased the silent kick under the water and finished neck to neck with him… I got a big grin from him and a well done!!  Heh…competitive much…  yes indeed.    The young girl had just finished doing her time trial, 36seconds… wow brings back memories of my 50m sprint times… think my 50m sprint time was 35 seconds for free and 37/28 for fly?!  Now it is more like 45… haha.  Think world record is 22secs? madness.

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  1. September 30, 2010 at 12:31 am

    I love swimming, but running seems to be the more social sport these days. I spend a lot of time in the pool here and also sometimes race the person next to me, though I try not to because it makes me feel a little too competitive. Best of luck to you!

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