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S is for spring, sinus, sudafed & sneezing……

Now I know why one of the dwarfs was Mr Sneezy!  Spring is here and so begins hayfever/sinus season, starting with a lovely sinus headache… I love spring, warm breeze in the air, sun shining, longer days, lighter in the mornings, people are happy, beach weather is just around the corner and I am sneezing!   The feeling that you are teething is the worst, topped off with the feeling like your face is in a vice, with someone slowly tightening it… add a frontal lobe headache to the mix… fun.   Lots of nasal salt water baths and antihistamines to keep things at bay normally does the trick… Have booked myself in for a nice neck & head massage at lunch to rid of any tension in the neck that could be adding to the mix. 

A swim tonight too will go well.. something about swimming to clear the head always works for me… when warmer swimming in the salt pools is the best…

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