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Cheat meal & double cardio

Let me paint you a picture of my mood today.  It is cold, wet, miserable, my bootcamp girls didn’t want to train in the rain so I had to cancel, Aunt Flo is in town & I  have tummy/back pain (love being a girl, NOT)  that are just soo painful, so feeling very sorry for myself.  11:55am, I was sitting at my desk, thinking what to make up for lunch, the usual food suspects went through my head, tuna with brown rice/broccoli, chicken/avocado wrap with veggies etc and then one of the managers popped up and said who is having pie with mashed potato and gravy with MUSHY PEAS for lunch… I was like, yes sir.. that is my lunch.    It was so delicious, big chunks of steak, the potato was just enough to sit on top of the pie, with lots of peas on top.. I wasn’t thinking about what they put in the mix.. just knew I needed it.  So my “cheat meal” came early this week…. but was just what I needed.    Still worked out well into my food intake too…1954 out of your net daily budget of 2000 calories and have 46 calories remaining. 33% of the calories are from fat, 36% from protein, 31% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

Dinner tonight is chicken breast roasted in oven with garlic/ginger/soy and lots of steamed greeeen vegetables.  The good news is I had planned to do a double cardio session tonight.. RPM and Bodyjam – so all good… hopefully it will shake the body up a little.. nothing like a good dance to make a girl feel better.. after she has climbed those hills that is.  shimmy to you all.

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