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Finally started Monday with a workout…

Only took me a few weeks to realise that I had to start training in the mornings again as it sets me up for the week and I don’t have to compete with everyone during peak hour at night.

So 530am this morning, bags packed my alarm goes off and I just turn it off (not changing the time to 7am) and I get up and go to the gym… no whinging, no moaning.. just did it.  The gym only had 3 people in it when I walked in around 610am.  Perfect.  Straight upstairs to do my workout -which was:

deadlifts 35kg barbell 3 x 10, single arm row 15kg – 3 x 12, leg press 100kgs, 3 x 10, single leg deadlifts with 8kg db, 3 x 10, lat pulldown narrow grip 45kg, 3 x 10, squat rows with cable – 25kgs each side, double and single rows with each squat – 3 x 12.  Felt great… good solid workout…. felt great when I got into the showers and looking forward to a solid week of training.    This is the plan.

Monday – workout A, PM cardio

Tuesday – AM swim, PM spin

Wednesday – Workout B & cardio AM  – PM running Bootcamp

Thursday – AM Boxing session with sera, PM Bodyjam

Friday OFF day or balance

Saturday Workout A & bodyjam

Sunday Balance

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