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C is for cake… glorious rich yummy cake…

Yes cake… yesterday was cake day… we had booked it in four weeks ago.. and it was worth the wait (slight hiccup with a persian orange friand the week before)… when you haven’t had anything sweet for a few weeks and your taste buds have forgotten what sugar, butter and ICING taste like… it was delicious.  After a great weights workout and bodyjam at Darlo – Justin, Dave, Anastasia and I went to Sole Expresso Wine bar & cafe for CAKE.. it was a Carribbean Banana cake… with gorgeous icing, lots of coconut and boy was it good (I know get a room with the cake already)!  Just shows you DON”T need to eat junk everyday, the more you go without it, the less you crave it and when you do have something remotely sinful, it is gooooooood! 

Starting today, I am on the 6 day clean diet, eating 100% clean for six days, and then on the seventh day, I can have what I like… I won’t be having cake every Saturday but will be looking forward to dropping bodyfat as I get closer to my goal… am into week five this week, when people start to notice the changes.. which has started already… progress.

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