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Motivation to sculpt my body…..

Flicking through profiles on bb.com is giving me awesome motivation!  Some of the changes these women have made to their bodies, outstanding!  I must of  looked at over 45 profiles/blogs last night, checking out the macros, their training routine, seeing the progress they are making and reading the same ups and downs that I am experiencing on their blogs…. it is a hard process, a long process to change and sculpt your body and these fabulous women help me more than they know.  It is nice to have other people going through the same thing out there, even if they are in cyberspace.  They are positive and complimentary at all times… they will give you that extra little push, not like some people I meet here in the gym who just go “ahh I did that years ago and so glad I am not now..” yeah thanks..

I realise that I have to make the sacrifices and changes to my lifestyle to achieve the goals that I want to achieve.  I am very lucky that I have great friends and family who might not totally understand the world of sculpting, but they see my passion and drive and I totally feel their support.  Having positive people around you helps too, these positive people who accept you no matter what, are truly golden.  It is those friends who go out of there way to help you is what I get a bit emotional about – like a great friend who once made me rose tea, so I could drink it in a wine glass and pretend it was proper Rose wine like the others… meant the world to me! 

So as my moods swing from all the ups and downs of my training, nutrition, the good days, the days where I just feel frustrated I am so thankful I have so much support and guidance out there… pushing me, some kicking me into action!

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