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Eating to lose weight….

The one question most people ask is “why are you eating so much if you are trying to lose weight?”  We have grown up reading about fad diets and quick weight loss schemes, the theory being if you eat less you will lose weight.   It is so true what you put in your body reflects how it looks… you eat little you will be little (and weak and sickly), you eat good healthy foods, train hard you will look fit and healthy, you over eat, your jeans will be tight and you will store fat easy.

Your body needs fuel,  fuel your body to function  the heart, lungs, nervous system etc,  then fuel your body more to accomodate your daily movements (from sedentary to being on the go all day at work) and then fuelling further for exercise.    Without adequate energy your body will convert muscle into energy to feed your brain, nervous system and red blood cells.  These tissues do not possess the metabolic machinery to burn fat. They only burn carbohydrates… So choose a low carb diet ove r a no carb diet… choose those complex carbs wisely.

Following a low calorie diet might see you loosing digits on the scale, but you are really losing muscle… and that isn’t a healthy way at all.  Loosing muscle sacrifices your body’s ability to burn fat.  The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn, you need to fuel those muscles to be able to burn fat. Simple.

So to loose fat you need to eat and move…. Inactivity leads to muscle loss and muscle loss causes a lowered capacity to burn fat, so you wear more of it.  The body is in a constant energy production flux – using carbohydrates (glucose) and fat (fatty acids). Some protein can be stored for energy but you want to spare this and your muscle.

Every cell in the body uses glucose , fat is harder to use so the body prefers glucose.  Your brain only uses glucose and cannot store energy (like the muscles and liver can).  If you eat regularly your glucose or sugar levels are kept at a comfortable level, your brain dosen’t have to send messages to your pancreas to release glucagon into the body to break down into glucose for energy ….   the key is to keep the levels balanced and not going up and down.  When the body receives too much the pancreas releases the storage hormone,  insulin.  When you eat say a chocolate or a biscuit  your body will release extra insulin into the system to soak up all the excess glucose, which will be stored by the hormone, adipsin as fat. 

The key is to eating good complex carbs and good protein with each meal to keep the bodies sugar levels steady, and burn fuel more effectively and efficiently….   reduce highly refined foods, sugars also…

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