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F is for feeling flat

Woke up this morning around 3am with a cat sitting on my throat, … morning Mia… she was giving me the eskimo kiss you see… nose to nose… must admit it was very cute,I did have a chuckle…  but then she saw I was awake and she wanted to play…. as you do when you are a 6month old kitten who sleeps all day haha…  so threw the ball a few times to keep the kitty happy before she decided to come in and sleep, again, across my neck… then I realised my throat was sore and I had a screaming headache, so needless to say, when the alarm went off at 5:30am to go train, I literally rolled over and went back to sleep… so now I am feeling very flat, a bit low and of course achy…  I need to train but feel like I should rest up, so I checked out the Fitness First timetables and there is a bodybalance class on @Park street at 17:50 ,  perfect… a nice workout.. I always sweat like a pig!   Will sleep well tonight (will ensure lots MORE playtime before bed for Mia) and then a solid workout tomorrow morning, mixture of Workout A & B me thinks…

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