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Focused, motivated and energised for week 2….

Feeling very focused and motivated, ready to tackle week 2!  No training today, actually prefer Mondays off… was going to start having Friday as my OFF day, but I love the way my week is planned, train hard Tues – Sat and then bodybalance on Sunday relaxes me and then Monday is just a nice peaceful day to get planning done and organise my week ahead.

I had a lovely massage yesterday from Carol,  she is studying swedish massage, and I was more than happy to be her guinea pig.  I think she truly learnt how “tight muscles” really feel.  Think I will be booking myself in for more of her practice massages!  Nice way to finish a great weekend.

Training this week is going to be intense and the diary is looking busy with my PT client back from holidays and starting the EY Bootcamp in the city twice a week.  Bring it on!

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  1. August 16, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Hi Donna, great motivated blog. Sounds like you are really enjoying your training. The massage sounded good – reminded me to book mine. I used to have Mondays off training too but in the lead up to the marathon, I need to train everyday but only for another couple of weeks, then I start to taper – hooray! Looking forward to doing less running and mixing up my exercise a bit once I’m done with the marathon.

    Have a good week – look forward to hearing about boot camp!

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