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Thursday’s boxing with Sera

Love Thursday training day!  One – because I get to train with my good friend Sez and Two – we have breakfast every Thursday at the fabulous little cafe Peaberry Cafe Darren makes a great coffee (sometimes two…..).

A great little boxing workout with Ms Prince this fine rainy Sydney day…. a great way to get warm and get ready for an action packed workday by punching the crap out of each other! heh he… really.  As most of our friends know Sera and I aren’t timid gals, so we know how to pack a punch… or punch a pack?!

After a few sessions of fumbling our way through I decided to step up the programme and write a plan of action, a plan we can execute and increase the intensity as the weeks go by…. this morning looked something like this:

Bout 1  (3 times through then swap) 20 crosses/sprint; double uppers/squats; double hook, double upper crosses; 50 high (speedball)

Bout 2 (3 times through then swap) 12 kicks/5 pushups/12 kicks; 10 hooks/30 high knees; L L R x 10 and then R R L x 10; 50 high (speedball)

Bout 3 (2 times through then swap) 12 squats; 5 burpess/20 crosses; 5 uppers/shuffle/5 crosses x 4; 50 high(speedball)

Followed that sweat session with some plank holds w/rotation, med ball situps, side twists with med ball, jackknifes on swiss ball and some lovely  stretches….

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