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Burnt 1400 calories last night…

Doing my Workout A and Bodyjam @Newtown FF, and boy did it empty out my tank… considering I had only eaten 1400 calories during the day… I couldn’t wait to refuel!! Will slowly creep up those calories. 

Trialled my Workout A – pretty heavy duty with some good solid weights….    didn’t manage to complete the entire workout due to it being peak hour at the gym – so missed out on biceps/triceps and one leg set. I love love love morning training, I just get in there and can train with no interuptions or waiting.

Warmed up on treadmill for 8mins, deadlifts warm up 1 x 20 @20kg (bar only) alternative grip, felt so light but really good stretch for the hammy’s, then added 10kgs each side, 4okgs total – 2 x 10, felt strong and soo good, single leg deadlifts with 8kgs dumbells – 3 x 12 on each leg… oucha, box lunges off step with 10kg medicine ball – 2 x 12 – the burn baby the burn! Lat pulldowns narrow – 2 x 12 @45kgs, wide grip 1 x 10 @35kgs, seated row level 6 – 2 x 12, went to do another set and a guy with big guns glared at me… tough boy, NOT.. so went down stairs and did single arm rows on the cable machine, standing on the bosu, 3 x 12 @30kgs.  Felt pretty good, think the workout is going to shape this body defnitely.   

Bodyjam went off… it was the Best of Jam – so a mix of the latest bodyjam songs that covers have been done for… sounds pretty good and the class went off, Justin and I were like two excited kids… you would think it was a NEW release… it felt like it after doing BJ53 since forever….

Workout B will be trialled on Saturday morning…   Doing cardio today, swim after work, just what the calves need.. still a wee bit tight from the city to surf on Sunday….

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