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City to Surf 2010

Having not trained for C2S this year I am not suprised at all with how sore I am today!    My hammys were so tight yesterday, got a good massage after the event at our work marquee but still should of stretched them a little more.  Glutes today are sooo sore, am walking like I rode a horse all weekend, slowly does it girly. 

Despite being sore and feeling very unfit, I had a great day, the sun was shining and nothing like 80,000 people to get you motivated to walk faster….  the timing I am not so sure of, the big clock had me after 2hrs… but I think that starts at 830am with the runners, and we left way after 9am….  the fabulous yellow group, with gorillas, commando runners, berlei chicks and all.

The event is so well run, and the volunteers make it run effortlessly.  The only gripe that I have are the cups on the roads after each drink stop… suppose it is hard to get ALL 80,000 people to put there cups to the side or in a bin… but that crunching sounds just grates…. me.  Most people were polite, saw a few people stack it trying to over-take… the keep to the left unless overtaking rule dosen’t really work with so many people….

So sitting at the EY marquee, eating prawns, salads and alternating between an orange gatorade and white wine, I felt great! The sun was shining, the beach was packed and the waves at Bondi.. pretty impressive.  Such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, it only took 14kms to get there.

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