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Had a great training session at the gym last night – trained chest, biceps and triceps plus did some treadmill and rower work.   I pushed myself with the weights and realised that soon I will need a trainer or a spotter to assist me before I end up knocking myself unconscious…  isn’t it strange that I can bench press 30kgs worth of dumbbells, but carrying them to and from the rack is sometimes harder than the actual exercise itself?!   I felt strong and in control with training last night, the core switched on and I had great form.  I am enjoying the bicep curls with 20kg ezycurl bar and I can go heavier, mixing it up with incline bicep curls and concentration curls helps fatigue those puppies.  Amongst the boys at the gym (shock horror no other girl training weights) I was checking my form in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t swinging with the extra weight on the bar and had elbows in and noticed the upper half of my body has totally changed shape and looking great!  I had a little grin to myself and kept pumping… lve moments like those…  

Tricep dips on two benches and skullcrushers felt strong last night also, got some overhead tricep work in on the ropes and pushups (chest and triceps).   Got some leg stretches, foam roller and rehab work in amongst the treadmill sprints and rowing sprints… I felt really good and am noticing that I am not burning as many calories as I used to… a good sign!  To push harder!

So onwards and upwards, am feeling really good after my post yesterday, felt like I have released some shit and moving forwards with my training and life confidently.

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D.O.M.S & training…

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Delayed onset muscle soreness (muscle fever) – in my legs and upper body today! Feels good.  Good old fashioned soreness from eccentric movements at the gym.  Am challenging myself to ensure proper technique and ROM before further increasing the load.  I am noticing my core strength has improved,   choosing less isolation exercises and flexibility is getting back on track, keeping the tension out of the hamstrings and lower back.

Tuesday smashed – legs and back – quick 5min warm up on bike followed by walking lunges with dbs (10kgs), supersetted with lat pulldowns – 3 sets each and then onto leg press, 80kgs with full ROM – really felt it get into the glutes and my knees were doing well.  Good slow movement and knocked out 4 x 12.  Then alternated upright rows with deadlifts, 22.5kgs on bar for uprights and 50kgs on bar for deadlifts, warmed up on just the bar for 1 x 15 – back felt fine, core engaged.  Still managed to  niggle the lower back – heat pack and stretches, feels good.  Finished off with a small circuit – reverse lunge off step with med ball, turkish get ups with 7kg dumbbell and squat press with 9kgs dumbells. 

Yesterday was Australia Day – lower back (thinking quadratus lomborum) was still slightly niggling (out of ten on pain threshold 2/3), lots of heat compresses and stretches helped, was planning a big session at the beach –  but decided between that and the heat – a little session is still a good session.  Managed two laps shuffling across the sand @ Coogee, and then about a 300m swim in the water, finishing around 9:45am,  before finding a nice patch of sand with my music and a snooze….  good day filled with more swims and relaxing on the grass with fitness magazines of course – Justin and I swapping our women’s & men’s health mags for tips… I enjoy reading the men’s version, even if they do have the extra blokey targeted content – like how to train to romance your woman and the workouts to achieve this… what the… lol.

Today I enjoyed a sleep in, the back is feeling 100% and will do some stretches before cardio session this evening at Darlinghurst FF!  Nutrition is on track and have lost another 1.8kgs – 3.5kgs overall in three weeks.  Happy dance.

Rest of the week training wise I am pumped – boxing tomorrow with Sera, then balance at 5:30pm at Newtown before hitting a big cable session on Saturday morning at Darlo FF nice and early!  Sunday will be a swim and/or balance class.

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Being honest will get you closer to your goals….

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That is my motto for the next week.. being honest with myself..  I have stood on the scales and not liked what I have seen, my clothes are snug (and not ALL muscle either) so I am doing what has worked for ME in the past. It is controlled and I know it will get me ready physically and mentally to transform my body.  End of 2010 I thought I was motivated, I enjoyed training but lost sight of my real goals, I have to remember I am human after all.  I have achieved great things before and will do so again.  I don’t see it as a set back, more a learning curve.

2011 has been a great start – have switched up my training with the Big 5 workout and HIIT training with cables/weights and I am finding it works for me, my body likes the adaption and I am feeling more in control and have my goals in sight.    My current profile picture on Facebook was from when I was training a couple of years back, got down to 73kgs and was feeling good, great.  To kickstart me then, I did the no carbs diet for three days and then introduced carbs slowly back into the diet with good grains, veggies and berries. I found this really helped my digestive system, which has been causing me grief lately due to over indulgence on good food (ahem cheese) and wine… oops. Again a learning curve in the fitness journey.

So I am going to do what has worked for me before, and have kick started the no carbs today, so far am feeling full and satisfied, drinking lots of water and eating good lean proteins (eggs, lean turkey, ham and protein shakes)  Having a nice big piece of basa fish fillet for dinner tonight and some almonds as well.    Day Two in the afternoon is always the hardest, I have cardio tomorrow also, so that will flush out some of glycogen stored in my muscles and liver… mght seem extreme to some and it goes against everything I have learnt in nutrition, but it surely works!  Lower the glycogen to allow the fat stores to get worked a little more before slowly topping up the glycogen tank.

Thinking Thursday is going to be a loong day, carbs are the only fuel source for the brain, so might be a little distracted but will get over that.  Boxing in the morningThursday will shake my system and will be looking forward to some berries a BIG green salad and rye bread on Friday on top of the usual protein foods.   Will keep this up for a month and then add more food to stabilise weight for two weeks and then analyse, having a protein only day every Monday. 

Will record my weight and waist measurement on Friday to see the reduction.  I am so excited, I feel like I have woken up after a big nap for the last 5 months and feel excited and motivated to train again.  A good break, a stressful end to 2010 but 2011 is going to be awesome.

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2011 is going to be a great year…

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Feeling refreshed after a two week break off work.  Had a chance to relax by the pool, catch up with friends and enjoy summer in Sydney.  Back at work today and feeling like a bull at a gate… so many things to accomplish this year both at work and at the gym.    I don’t do New Years resolutions, I tend to re-evaluate my goals and put some actions points into play. 

Going to add some training to my routine that scares the pants off me.  Stepping outside the comfort zone and trying new things this year that scare me…  that is one of my goasl.   Stepping up the training inside and outside the gym – pushing myself harder to reach my goals. 

What I hope to achieve in 2011:

* further reduce bodyfat to under 19%

* be able to do 5 full push ups

* increase my plank hold to over 3mins

* increase my flexibility by reducing tightness in hamstings

* increase strength and ROM in my knees for squats (VMO, ITB etc)

Some actions points include:

* squad training – joining weekly training group

* try out boxing gym near FF @Darlo

* setting weekly tasks to challenge fitness levels (two huge swim sessions this week and two bootcamp sessions)

Being consistent in nutrition, training & recovery.  Recording all daily.

Four phases of 2011. Key areas below:

Jan – Mar – reduce bodyfat, tighten nutrition & training, stick to training plan, cross training, reduce classes and concentrate more on high intensity, full body weight  training mixed with weights & stability training in and outside gym. Strengthening knee and working on flexibility. Complete 2-3 full pull ups

Apr – June –  still reducing bodyfat, increasing muscle, change cross training & weights routine, increasing workout load & splitting up muscle groups.  Complete 4-5 full pull ups

July – Sept –  Bodyfat shouldbe under 19%, adding more strength training, core strong, knees strong – squats with full ROM.  Pull ups should be up to 10.  Tweak program to strengthen any weaker areas.

Oct – Dec –   Ideal to be under 15% bodyfat, 12-15 pullups.

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9 more sleeps till the fat man gets here…..

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So lots of training to be done before can relax for a day or two over Chrissy!  Loving my training at the moment, am making good progress and am feeling alot stronger and my core is doing amazing things assisting me with training harder – had our work Christmas lunch yesterday, a nice little degustation, great food, lots of protein and low fat… except maybe the orange chocolate bombe… mmmm with sea salt on top… delicious.

Trained at Newtown FF last night, busy as ever, again was the only girl training weights…  was great, just worked in with some of the guys using the leg press/cables etc…   trained legs/chest… love training them together.. so strong and works the body even more… upper, lower, longer levers… ahh love it! 

Supersetted single leg deadlifts – 12.5kg dumbells/incline chest press with 12.5kg dumbells (oucha…. went down to 10kgs)

Squats on bosu, no weight, just bodyweight, nice and low range, warming up/chest flies with 8kg dumbells (really need to increase this..)

Leg press – warm up set 80kgs x 1, 3 sets of 120kgs, felt good, loaded the legs, pushups to superset

To make me feel even more sick 3 sets of squats in rack – 55kgs (incl bar) – got nice and low/alternated with plank for 35secs…

Some single leg workout on bosu to get the QM in my legs switched on (and ITB/glutes) – some bosu pushups to finish offf…. and felt a little nautious… but sooo good….

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Negative pullups a success….

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Felt great after training last night, didn’t have 100% energy left for jam – but smashed back/biceps….   increased my weight too in a few exercises, was excited about that and feel like I can increase them again soon too…

Bent over row – 30kg dumbbell – 3 x 10, 50kg deadlifts, nice and low, great form, good strength in lower back, 3 x 12, bicep curls 12kg dbbell 3 x 12, squat with row on cables, 35kgs,  Single arm rows 15kg dbells – 3 x 12 – felt sooo strong and good form, can go up in a week or so to 17.5kgs… bicep grip lat pulldowns, 47kgs – 3 x 12…  hammer curls 3 x 12 – 12kg dbells.  Went on the pull up machine, did some practice with load on and then did a few negative pull ups – that was fun, felt like I had good control – will keep it up.  So loving progress!

Have team lunch today and then a big training session at Newtown tonight – legs and chest! whooop!

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Tracking food and exercise…..

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Being the silly season – I am going to track my food and exercise, to ensure that I am not undoing all the good work I have planned……  my rule is 80/20 – 80% nutrition and 20% training – to get results.  Am looking forward to having a few treats over the christmas period but want to make sure that I am being good 90% of the time (work out how many meals a day you have, times this by seven to get your week… workout the 10% and that is still quite a few “treat” meals)!

Today so far is good, all the planning and getting shopping delivered home last night helps!   I have used 1649 ouf of my net daily budget of 1800 and have 151 calories remaining.  39% are from fat, 35% from protein and 26% from carbs, 0% from alcohol.  This will change a bit…  still have a few meals left and dinner isn’t 100% planned as yet….

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